As corporate finance specialists, TAP creates value for firms and their senior leadership by offering knowledge, data and resources that span from deal initiation to completion.

Working primarily with C-level executives, our experienced advisory team brings a trusted perspective that helps understand the risks and rewards of financial opportunities and customizes solutions that lead to successful outcomes. 

Capital Raising
Bridge Financing
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Coaching
HR Services
Accounting & Portfolio Services

Unlike other firms with a similar focus, TAP invests in many of its clients, putting its own earned capital into positions to safeguard the interests of management while fulfilling their goals and objectives.


Capital Raising

The importance of accessible capital for any business can’t be overstated, but sourcing it can be a time-consuming and difficult process. That’s why, through bridge loans and equity structures, plus a reinvestment of fees, TAP ensures the fundraising process takes those critical first steps.

We then activate a global investor network of venture capitalists, private equity, institutional investors, and family offices to obtain the necessary funds that fuel growth. Utilizing an extensive database and long-term relationships, our fundraising pros find the right investment sources, often with experience in your sector.

Prepare the business for investor due diligence
Identify and make introductions to potential investors
Create appropriate documents
Secure investment offers
Negotiate and close the deal

An experienced team leads clients throughout the mandate, constructing and communicating the investment potential of the business while negotiating to secure funding under the best possible terms and conditions.


Lead Financing

Part of the TAP Financial Partners Group, we’re able to offer tranches of financing that provide interim capital to assist companies while more permanent or next stage cash infusions are arranged.

Lines of credit provide immediate working capital
Equity partnership advances client’s agenda
Books and records prepared for next-stage lender’s review

M&A / Buy Side

TAP identifies merger and acquisition opportunities for clients by working closely with diverse network of sources that include relevant sector experts, acquisitive groups, and investors. We make strategic connections to suitable and qualified acquisition targets that check boxes for growth and expansion.

The next steps involve the often complex financial, legal, and human resource considerations that require careful planning, attention to detail, and skilled negotiators to be resolved.

Establishing team(s) and formulating an offer
Securing exclusivity
Preparing the team and business for the process
Creating appropriate financial documents
Identifying and introducing private equity investors
Securing investment offers
Negotiating with investors and vendors
Managing due diligence and the legal process
Closing the deal

We negotiate the best possible price, terms, and structure, managing the entire transaction through to a successful closing.


M&A / Sell Side

We are experts at positioning companies within their markets, with the pre-sale presentation often laying the foundation for increased deal value and deliverability.

Deciding when to sell
Establishing consensus among shareholders
Determining valuation targets
Preparing the business to be sold
Managing the sale process
Finding buyers and securing offers
Negotiating and closing the deal

Working with management during the planning process, TAP’s transaction architects identify and address issues before bringing a company to market, maximizing returns at closing.


Product/Service Distribution

As a partner and advisor to many businesses, our services include the presentation of commercial opportunities that lead to increased sales and revenue.

Introductions to distributor networks
Facilitation of sales distribution channels
Creation of purchase order financing
Assistance with logistics chain
Realization of opportunities

With many years’ experience in a variety of sectors, the TAP Advisory Group is able to make strategic connections with synergistic organizations and create mutually beneficial relationships.


Corporate Coaching

Working directly with CEOs and senior management, TAP’s business experts take a deep dive into their client’s operations to provide big picture and nuanced recommendations that improve internal and external relations, processes and workflow.

Clarify short and long-term goals and strategies
Refine leadership skills of C-suite professionals
Integrate buy side M&A teams
Develop and/or enhance corporate culture
Optimize individual and team performance

Making improvements to thought processes that directly impact decision-making and personnel can be the impetus for a company to ascend to its next level of potential.


HR Services

Working with a longtime, trusted partner, TAP is able to offer an offsite human resources department that offers a comprehensive scope of services.

Corporate and international expertise
Payroll and benefits administration
Handbooks and policy manuals
Employee engagement
Performance reviews

One-stop HR services help executives manage teams and maximize efficiency within this critical administrative function.